A Kindora Surprise!
Big thanks again to Kindora for this incredible gift.

"A Kindora Surprise"... Hey, hey, see what I did there? (I regret nothing).

And now I want a Kinder Egg and to put together the tiny toy inside.

Anyway, you may have seen recently that the Sarah and the gang in Kindora sent me a 4 in 1 travel system. If you didn't, shame on you, but here it is just in case.

Now, I was blown away by this very generous gift. The travel system is usually, if not the, biggest item purchased for the baby. So, I was very grateful to receive it. On top of that, the travel system is absolutely fantastic and in excellent condition.

I'll get to the details of the travel system in a minute but firstly in case people think this is some sort of regurgitated marketing blurb it is most certainly not. If someone takes the time out of their day and is nice enough to send me something. Then I'm not going to be a complete bell-end and just say "nice one" and be on my way. They're a new Irish company starting out and sending something like this is massive in my opinion. (My mother will be delighted with this) I was raised better than that and I'm going to write a blog to say thanks and help spread the word a bit.

So, indulge me, be nice. Give the blog a read and give them a follow.

About Kindora

Let me fill ye in on who Kindora are. They are Europe's best marketplace to rent, buy and sell premium pre-loved baby or kids goods. All items are screened and cleaned and if it passed my, when it comes to cleaning, OCD wife's approval. Then that's seriously clean. The pram was immaculate.

The company was formed in the aftermath of a one-year-old leaving a trail of lovely and barely used toys in her wake. Sarah searched for a marketplace that these quality items could be sold and ultimately find a new home. She couldn't find one and set it up themselves.

When I spoke to Sarah first, I hope she doesn't mind me saying this, I thought I was on the phone with Alison Curtis from Today Fm. They sound so alike. I immediately thought of that Friends episode with Joey and his hand twin but thought she might think I'm a complete weirdo if I stopped the conversation to raise this point.

I was really excited to speak to Sarah & Kindora for one simple reason. I felt their mission or the idea behind the company was brilliant and I was of a similar mindset. Re-using premium baby goods instead of sending them to the dump. When they told me that by buying a pre-loved pram is the equivalent to saving more than a 1000 disposable coffee cup of waste. I didn't use any profanity, but in my head, I was like, "fuck me".

If you've followed me on social, you'll have seen that I've been spoiled by family and friends giving us a car seat, vests, baby grows, nappies, oils, toys, a cot, a co-sleeper. The list goes on and thanks to you all again.

I don't know about you but I come from and grew up in a big family with cousins etc. We all got hand me downs. I was such a short arse when I was a kid I even got hand me ups. But our family would share prams, car seats etc and simply pass it onto whoever needed it at the time.

So, receiving a pre-loved pram didn't have this feeling of I'm compromising in any way. It was more that this pram is feckin quality, has years left in it and will be perfect for our baby.

If a family member or friend gave it to you. Like with the other bits you get from family & friends. You'd be blown away and welcome it with open arms. That's what it felt like with Kindora and Sarah.

On this point and what was strange or even faith, that before Kindora got in contact with me, my wife Ruth was saying, "it's shit that new parents almost feel this pressure to buy brand new baby goods. When you can reuse baby items, that are still in fantastic condition and have years left in them. Wouldn't it be great if there was something like this?". Then Kindora called.

The Travel System

So, what is in a travel system? In a nutshell, an Isofix car seat base, a car seat and a pram. The travel system we got was from Silvercross and it's wonderful. Besides being immaculately clean, it's also pretty stylish too. I'll be turning heads walking within my 5km soon.

The pram also came with another attachment. So, there is the buggy or sitting up attachment and then there is what I would call the old fashioned looking pram attachment. This would allow the baby to lie flat.

Now, let's get to Dad talk. The important points. First up, I can put in and take out the car seat in under 10 seconds. Not quite F1 pitstop times yet, but I'll work on it.

While we are on the driving theme. The manoeuvrability is fantastic. Unlock the front wheels and you'll be zipping around the house effortlessly.

"Hard left is it into the living room?... That was a piece of piss".

It has an adjustable handle height which is what you want for comfortable driving of the pram. Especially when lockdown ends and you are eventually allowed to race other Dad's and their kids in a pram.

I'll be ready for ye gents.

Lastly, it has plenty of boot space, I mean storage, underneath for the changing bags etc. and it also has a cup holder for coffee or something a little stronger should you be having a tough day.

Environmental Benefits & General Benefits.

We're all trying to do our bit and recycle more. Even if that little brown bin is smelling a bit, we soldier on. But, maximising the use or life span of baby goods makes sense.

The Kindora marketplace also benefits your pocket. You'll save on money but not on the quality.

Also, if you have pre-loved baby/kids items lying around. Which you know a family would get use out of. You can sell them via Kindora. Happy days.

One other thing I thought was cool is that the wrapping they use for delivery is biodegradable. Not the tape, yet. But again little things like that all add up in the wider scheme of things.

Finally, I just want to say a big thank you again to Kindora. I can't wait for the baby to arrive and to give it a proper spin in the pram.

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