finding our way through

I'm basically figuring it all out as I go and saying how it actually is from the Dad's point of view. Sure if ya fancy following my journey, give the old blog a read, drop me a message on social and share your experiences of becoming a dad or any tips that worked for you.

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about me

Just a regular guy on a journey to becoming the World's Greatest Dad to someone

Rob here...

Indie, my trusted four-legged companion, and myself are on a journey to becoming the Greatest Dad and Dog to someone. My Wife and I are expecting our first child in April 2021.

A little bit about me. I'm just a regular 34 year old, beer drinking, sport loving, outdoorsie, dog lover and active guy living in Ireland who's trying to get his head around the whole notion of becoming a Dad. I'm beyond excited about becoming a Dad and I thought I would share my journey, thoughts, fears and observations from the regular Dad's point of view as I found there isn't many men talking about it in Ireland.

What You'll Get From Reading The Blog

  • A fucking chuckle I hope
  • Some open, honest real talk with some mild profanity
  • Tips that have worked for me and what's not
  • Of course some top drawer Dad jokes

Rob & Indie