The Wine Bluff – In Situ Cabernet Sauvignon
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It's Friday, it's been a long week. The Wine Bluff has you covered for what bottle of wine to pick up later.
Things Your Wife/Partner will Find Difficult in the Third Trimester
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Just a few things your wife or partner might have difficulty with in the 3rd Trimester.
A Kindora Surprise!
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Big thanks again to Kindora for this incredible gift.
The Wine Bluff – Finca Labarca
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Do you fancy a tasty Rioja as your Friday Night Wine?
What Dads Should Know Heading into the Third Trimester
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Your other half will be adamant she is not suffering from baby brain. You finding the remote in the fridge thinks otherwise.
Scans, Plans and Automobiles
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Only 8 weeks to go! Time is ticking down!
The Wine Bluff РIn Situ Carmen̩re
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A fantastic wine that is on offer moment. Will it be your Friday Night Wine?
Being Involved vs Missing Out
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I'm experiencing so much and love it. But I feel guilty and annoyed on missing out on things.
The Wine Bluff – The Guv’nor
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A sweet and fruity wine that will go down nicely after a busy week of work.
Dad Book Review – The Expectant Dad’s Handbook
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I'd highly recommend this book for any New Dad-to-be like myself.
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