The Regular Dad
It’s ok to not have a Bond with your Baby
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I don't always feel this "bond" with my baby. Is that ok? Normal?
The Anomaly & Anatomy Scan
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We have the Anatomy & Anomaly scan! It's all good news, Woohoo!!!
My First Scan!
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I finally get to go to a scan. It was amazing and everything & more that I was hoping for from it.
Another Regular Dad Story!
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Another Dad shares his journey!
I Felt My First Kick!
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I'm absolutely buzzing! I felt my first kick!
The Dad’s Section
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Just some useful links if you're looking for some more information about pregnancy and parenthood.
So, I gave Pregnancy Yoga a go!
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It involves chanting and walking around with your hands over your head singing Disney songs!
The Pregnancy Card
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Be prepared to get the Pregnancy Card served up to you over the 9 months of pregnancy.
Things Dads should know about the first 17 weeks of Pregnancy
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You're wife or partner will suffer from a variety of things such as turning into 'Sleepy' from Snow White
Covid is a Pain in the Arse!
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Doesn't look like I'll be going in to see any scans soon. F**k sake!