Do you call Baby ‘IT’ sometimes?
I can't be the only one who's called their baby 'IT'?

Just thought I'd share some of my strange ramblings of a Thursday. Do you call baby 'IT' sometimes? I can't be the only one who's referred to their baby, while it's still in the womb, as 'IT'? I'm not actively or consciously meaning to say it, I just realise I've said it sometimes after the fact.

At the beginning of my wife's pregnancy, we were referring to my wife's bump as 'Bub'. However, as the weeks have moved on, as my wife's waistline expanded, and as the kicks became more frequent and stronger. We found ourselves saying 'Baby' that bit more.

Now though, I find myself calling the baby 'IT'. Particularly, for example, when my wife is grunting because the baby is moving or kicking. I might say.

"Is IT kicking?"

Or things like, "Is IT awake?"

'IT' like??? You'd swear I was talking about my unborn child as if it was the creature in Alien. You know the scene, when the alien is coming out of the stomach.

Or some creature that lurks in the mist ready to attack and suck the life out of me... "IT's out there, waiting for me. I can feel it." Wait, that might be accurate?

Or even Cousin IT from the Addams Family. (Be honest, you can hear the theme tune in your head and you've even clicked your fingers too.)

Why do I call the baby 'IT'?

I was trying to figure out why I say it. Is it down to not knowing the sex of the baby? So, I can't say is he/she kicking? Is it because I've yet to meet the baby in person and 'IT' doesn't seem like a proper real person to me yet.

I'm thinking does it stem back to a time long before my wife was pregnant and I wasn't even contemplating having a kid. You know that time when you'd meet a cousin or a friend who just had a kid and you'd be like.

"Ah, it's gorgeous. Isn't it?!" or "Ah, it's very cute. Isn't it?!"

Now here, take IT back before I break IT.

There were my go too response's at the time.

Or have I been brainwash by this Gender Neutral shite

Maybe that's it, has that gender neutral crap infiltrated my fragile mind? Cue that inner snowflake/hipster/new age voice. "I cannot refer to the baby as he or she. They must make that decision for themselves. Until that moment, we are referring to the child as 'IT'".

Christ... even typing that annoyed me.

Just in case anyone was wondering. We'll be raising the baby as a boy or girl depending on the sex. None of that crap.

10 Weeks to Go

Finally, it's now 10 weeks to go. Which means we're getting into single digit territory lads. It's an exciting and nervous time all wrapped up in one!

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