How I’m Currently Training
This is How I'm Currently Training at the moment before the baby arrives and while I have the time.

So, as the first post in the Fitness Dad section, I thought I would share how I'm currently training. My training style and load may not be everyone's cup of tea but you can take bits from it and sure I'll drop in a workout for anyone that fancies giving it a go.

I come from a rugby background of weights and cardio with a bit of bodybuilding but I love trying new types of training/exercises all the time.

Now, during lockdown like the vast majority of people. I was doing a variety of home workouts. I had some bands (a red & green one), a 6kg kettlebell, an 8kg kettlebell and when the restrictions lifted to the 20km distance I was able to pick up a 24kg kettlebell that was residing as a door stop in my mother's house. So, I've some equipment if we go into another lockdown.

During lockdown I got into a routine, and tried to stick to it as best I could. Mon/Wed/Fri was bodyweight workouts. Tuesday & Thursdays were cardio which might be a run or cycle within the distance. So things like 5 laps of a 2km loop or 10 laps on the bike of the same loop.

Saturday I would do a workout with my wife from an app she was using. This was a mixture of cardio and bodyweight exercises. Sunday was a rest day. Or to slowly sweat out the beer and wine from the night before.

On top of this I would walk my dog Indie about 10km. I was just trying to hit steps target. It wasn't strenuous in any way and was more to clear the head from being stuck indoors all day and obviously to give Indie her exercise. She needs a lot of it.

Now this may seem like a lot but anyone that knows me, knows I'm an active guy so it's no great surprise. And also, I'm not absolutely killing myself in an attempt to recreate the Crossfit Games or something each day. I also know my body well enough to know when I can push it or not. So if I'm tired I pull it back and vice versa. If I'm feeling good I drive it on.

I'm of the mindset, "Something is better than nothing". So even if I just get the 10k steps in walking the dog because I'm just not motivated, that's something.

Whatever your exercise goals/targets are, consistency is what will get you there.

When I found out I was going to be a Dad

When my wife broke the news to me she was pregnant, that I was going to be a Dad, I knew my training will eventually have to change once the baby arrives.

The gyms had only just reopened at the same time. Now, I didn't go the first week as I felt the place would be rammed and I wanted to be cautious in the current climate.

But I decided to start training or heading to the gym for 6am each day. That means a 5am start for me each day. The thought process behind it was that the gym will be quieter, have less people and more space for social distancing. If I don't get up for the gym then. I don't go in the evenings. Too busy and too many people.

Also, I spoke to my wife that when the baby comes along that if I get into the habit of training first thing in the morning now, that I will 'hopefully' (depends on sleep with the baby) be able to train in the mornings when the baby does comes along, and when I get in or finish work that I can look after the baby and give my wife a break for a few hours. Allow her to do some training or whatever. So this is building a habit towards that.

Now for the fitness fanatics, my current split for the gym is:

  • Monday - Shoulders & Biceps/Forearms
  • Tuesday - Legs (Quad focused)
  • Wednesday - Chest & Triceps/Rear Delts
  • Thursday - Rest Day
  • Friday - Legs (Deadlifts/Hamstrings focused)
  • Saturday - Back & Traps
  • Sunday - Calves & Abs

All the sessions are no more than 90 mins long. As I start work at 8am I need to be finished by 7:30 am. Some sessions are heavy and some are light so I'm not killing myself everyday.

On top of this I'll try and get in two 30 min light cardio sessions. Maybe on a Thursday & Sunday. And if the weather is good I'll get outside go for a paddle, a swim or if there's surf I'll throw the boards in the van.

Changing My Plan as the Due Date comes closer

I'm very aware that as the due date draws closer that my time for training will naturally be limited. Unless you're a full time athlete, which I certainly am not, you're not going to be able to maintain this level of training. I'll be a new parent, could be struggling with lack of sleep or just simply want to spend as much time as I possibly can with my newborn child.

Training for me is a way to clear my head. A sort of therapy as it is for many others. So I won't stop completely. My aim will be to condense it into 4 gym sessions a week. In the morning of course, those 5am starts over the next 6 months better help. These 4 sessions should allow me to hit every body part. And if I get some spare time, I'll do something outdoors.

Once I get to that point I'll share those workouts with ye lads and who knows you might do them as well.

Oh and as promised here's a Chest & Bicep session I was did a few weeks back. Should take about 90 mins roughly and the rest times between sets is 60 seconds. Enjoy!

Chest & Biceps Workout

  • Peck Deck Fly (Single Arm) - 4 sets of 12
  • Flat Barbell Bench Press - 6 sets of 8
  • Dips (Bodyweight) - 3 sets to failure
  • Incline Dumbbell Press - 4 sets of 8
  • Cable Fly (High Setting) - 4 sets of 12
  • Machine Preacher Curl - 4 sets of 12
  • Standing Barbell Curl - 4 sets of 8
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curl - 3 sets of 12 on each arm
  • Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl - 3 sets of 12 each arm

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