How to help with Morning Sickness
Just a few tips lads on How to help with Morning Sickness.

Alright lads, if you've just gotten the news that your wife/partner or even a one night stand is now pregnant. A lot of the time as men we think the first symptom, or stand out symptom (thanks to years of seeing it in movies and on tv etc.), is morning sickness.

Now morning sickness affects over half of all pregnant women and it can be a particularly cruel bitch to some women. Also 'morning' sickness can strike any time day or night and from what I'm told starts to ease around the 12-week mark.

Luckily for me, I mean my wife, she didn't have any morning sickness really. Which is perfectly normal but it can still make your wife/partner a little anxious over the fact she's not having morning sickness. The worst morning sickness my wife had, and she'd even admit wasn't the worst, was bang on the 12 week mark. Other than that during the first 12 weeks she's been fatigued, few headaches, a bit of nausea, peeing more frequently and suffering from food aversions. But nothing major from a morning sickness point of view.

How to help calm Morning Sickness

Now if you're currently listening to your wife/partner speaking to God via the direct phone line placed at the bottom of your toilet. I'm hear to help and say that cacophony of sound will only be briefly interrupted to tell you "this is your fault" until you try a few of these tips.

First up and my wife's favourite is Peppermint Tea. A great drink that helps settle an upset stomach and it also soothes the throat after a mixture of throwing up and shouting profanities.

Remove Stressors; I'd make sure you're aware of the stressors in your wife/partner's environment. It will be helpful I would imagine for the duration of the pregnancy. Have a look to see how you can help her de-stress or to reduce the potential stress. If you're the stressor, take the dog for a long walk lad and give her space.

Get on your Chef's hat; Now my wife has had food aversions so this personally has been very tricky for me. Also there are foods that pregnant woman must avoid which again complicates matters. Chicken can get old pretty quickly. But take over the cooking as sometimes the smells from cooking can trigger morning sickness.

Reduction in Fat and Fibre intake; Now I read that switching to white bread instead of brown or having cooked fruits rather than raw can help. We haven't tried it but might help you out.

Eat little and often; Ah yes, asking your hormonal pregnant wife to eat 6 meals a day while she is acutely aware that she will inevitably put on weight in pregnancy is a tricky one. I'd have more hope trying to Irish dance through a mine field.

The theory behind it lads is that by eating little and often that will keep her feeling full instead of stuffed or bloated while also keeping blood sugar levels more consistent.

Lemons; Now my wife tends to add lemon to her water anyway but the smell of freshly cut lemons is thought to help ease morning sickness. No harm in trying it anyway lads if ya have a few lemons lying about.

Ginger; Ginger is already known for helping with nausea. So next time you're in the shop pick up some ginger tea and ginger biscuits. And sure if she doesn't eat the biscuits, you have something for your brew. Win-win.

Have Snacks at the ready; now this might be something I'll have to do in a few years with my kid as opposed to my wife. But some dry crackers on the beside locker for when the missus first wakes is handy. This is because eating first thing can help against morning sickness.

Ice Cubes, Ice Lollies; Some woman can struggle to keep fluids down so a little tip is to make some ice cubes. She can suck on them to stay hydrated. Or pick up some ice lollies in supermarket.

Acupressure Wristbands; My wife did get these in our local pharmacy, wore them for a few days and it seemed to do the trick. It's meant to stimulate the 'Nei-Kuan' acupuncture point. Who cares as long as it works eh.

Breathing; Again, easier said then done if she's in the throws of losing her breakfast for the 5th time this week. But encourage her to try deep breathing exercises and some relaxation techniques.

Severe Morning Sickness

Just a heads up lads, but extreme morning sickness which is known as 'Hyperemesis Gravidarum'. It can occur throughout pregnancy and, touch wood, my wife hasn't or won't get it. This can result in dehydration which is a big risk to pregnant women. If she is finding it difficult to hold down fluids, get onto your GP. Better safe than sorry.

Finally lads, invest in some nice smelling candles if your wife/partner is suffering from morning sickness. Those candles will come in handy for hiding more than just the odour from the morning sickness.

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