I Felt My First Kick!
I'm absolutely buzzing! I felt my first kick!

Well I'm on fucking cloud 9 at the moment lads. Last night I was sitting down watching The Sopranos. (My wife had never seen it, how I married her without this knowledge I'll never know, should have been in the vows or on the pre marriage course, but we're on Season 6). Anyway, as we're watching it, I've my hand on her bump.

Now my reason for this is two fold, one for bonding and secondly in the hope I feel a little flutter or kick. So, as Paulie & Tony make their way to Florida, I feel the faintest flutter/kick. I turn to my wife and was like "Was that you?"

She's been winding me up lately pushing out her tummy sometimes to mimic a kick. As this is around the time you're meant to start feeling flutters or kicks.

She goes no "Did you feel that?"

Obviously my wife can feel them a little more, well they're more obvious to her. But for us guys I'll try my best to describe, physically first, what it feels like.

What a Flutter/Kick feels like for us Dads?

I have my hand on my wife's bump, with my wife telling me the best place she thinks to place my hand. Loves giving directions she does.

Now the last few weeks I've had my hand on her bump, all I could feel was a pulse. Not the babies but either my own pulse or my wife's. So, initially I have that same feeling, which is regular, as a healthy pulse should be.

But every so often, just randomly, you feel this tiny tap. It's more noticeable than a pulse, more deliberate but still very soft. And to be honest easily missed... So, the Sopranos had to be paused so I could concentrate on feeling it. I can't be the only who turns off the sound to concentrate on stuff.

If you can picture this feeling on your hand and fingertips: dum..dum...dum...dum...dum...dum...Dum...dum...dum...dum...Dum...dum. Then nothing for a while and then another flutter or kicks.

How I felt, when I felt the kick for the first time.

At first it was pure excitement, that euphoria of feeling actual movement from your baby. I was and I still am so happy. That's our baby kicking, I can actually feel that. Mind fucking blown! I'm over the moon and on the other side doing a jig!

I wanted to shout at my wife's bump to say "Kick More! Kick the shit out of her bladder, I don't care, I wanna feel more kicks". But baby had to rest, he/she didn't want to strain a hamstring in the womb. And my wife also didn't want to make another trip to the loo.

As with this blog, I'm trying to share the Dad's experience. Obviously for any pregnant woman, be it there 1st or 21st baby. The first kicks is an incredible moment.

But for us Dad's it's so much more. I think it's often forgotten by pregnant woman (to be fair they've enough on their plate) that those first kicks/flutters we as Dads feel, is our first physical connection with our baby. We've not been physically through morning sickness or had to experience any aches or pains that come with our bodies changing, that make it pretty clear there is something inside and that it is connected to me.

I've been waiting for this moment since I heard the news. That first kick to say "Hey, alright Dad I'm here, all good. I've a decent right foot on me so I'm getting the kicking practice in early for ya".

I Can Relax... a Little.

As I went to bed after feeling those first kicks. I felt so much more at ease. Our last scan seems so long ago. Lockdown and Covid has these weeks just melting in together.

But we had the 12 week scan and yes my wife's bump has gotten bigger. However, there had been no movement and we are just waiting on the 20 week Anomaly & Anatomy scan (which I think, with the dates, we'll be 21 weeks along).

Feeling those kicks before that scan is just fantastic. It's a good sign all is going well and it's easing my anxiety ahead of that scan. It also has me buzzing ahead of next Tuesday (10th Nov) as we've booked a private Scan so I can finally see my baby on the ultrasound. As Martin Tyler would say on Sky Sports..."And it's Live!

We booked this scan with ReproScan in Ballincollig as I will not be able to attend the Anomaly & Anatomy Scan in the CUMH with my wife due to the Covid 19 restrictions that are in place. (If any Dads are interested. Check them out and I'll be doing a blog next week on it).

Cannot wait for Tuesday! I'm like a Cheshire cat at the moment smiling from ear to ear.

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