I’m going to be an Uncle!
Erin is going to have a cousin! 🙌

Bob's your Uncle! Let's get that inevitable joke out of the way first off. I'm absolutely bursting with excitement, pride, and anticipation that I'm going to be an Uncle. I now know what my sister-in-law's husband felt as he nearly lept over the dinner table to congratulate Ruth when we made our announcement.

My younger brother and his wife will be welcoming their first child into the world in June and both sides of the family are just buzzing.

It's a great & strange feeling at the same time

I'm incredibly lucky to have a great brother, which is fortuitous as I only have one. Imagine if he was an annoying git. There are just under 5 years between us but we're incredibly close despite that gap. When my brother called to the house for a quick visit, I thought it was just to regale us (or make us envious really) that he was just back from his honeymoon and one of my favourite places on this planet, Sorrento.

He handed Ruth & myself a card and inside it read "Do you think Erin would like a cousin?"

What followed was jaw disengagement, inaudible screams and tears. Then as the news sank in, I joked they didn't wait long, classic honeymoon baby.

I'm not going to lie, I was caught so off guard my head was spinning for days and then we had to keep it a secret until after the first scans. Christ, I thought when my brother was handing me the card it was a gift voucher for a restaurant in Sorrento or something. I didn't think I was going to get this news.

As the days and weeks have gone on, I've this ever building excitement and energy for my brother and his wife. I just can't wait to meet the little thing, share in their joy and laugh at knowing what's in store for them too.

I'm sure all the emotions & memories of when I first saw Erin will come flooding back. Christ I'm already cringing at the thought of me saying "I remember when Erin was that small"...which is the go-to phrase of our parents when they see you with your own child.

We're getting stuff ready to send over to the house like the cosleeper, vests, nappies, babygrows etc. It's always a wonderful feeling as the older brother to help your younger sibling in any way you can. That ranges from DIY, giving advice and picking their drunk ass up in town. Now it's help with parenting! Feckin hell!

Now, this might just be me, but it's a strange feeling seeing your younger brother having a kid. I don't know why it should. He's turning 31 soon, has a house, a mortgage, a wife, a dog and has always been mature for his age. Sure he had me to look up to, he basically could learn from my fuck ups and do the opposite of what I did for the most part.

But for some reason, in my mind, I still see him as "the younger brother". A young fella who should be heading out every weekend with the lads and going on mad ones and trying to recover as much as possible Sunday evening before taking on work Monday.

New Chapter

I think it's just going to blow my mind the day my brother and I are sitting in our family home with our respective kids in our arms. The days of us calling to Mam's, chilling for the night watching tv and drinking beers into the early hours will be replaced with Paw Patrol and getting to bed at a respectable hour for a night feed.

It's a new chapter, an exciting one and I can't wait to be an Uncle. I can't wait for Erin to meet her new & first cousin. I know my brother is going to make an incredible Dad, I've no doubt in my mind he will put everything he has into ensuring that and I can't wait to see him being a Dad. I'm not going to lie, it's going to feel so feckin strange seeing my brother with a kid.