Kung Fu Kid, Leaking Boobs and My Wife is off Work
The baby is kicking and moving non stop and it's just over 5 weeks to go.

It's a little over 5 weeks to go at this point and things are becoming very real. In the past few days, I've been organising my paternity benefit, finishing off decorating the baby's room, decorating our own room and trying to tick as many things off the list that needs to be done before the baby arrives.

First impressions are important don't ya know.

My Wife is off Work

On top of all this, my wife got signed out from work last Friday by her GP, which means she's now at home full time. This was not part of her plan, and by God does this woman love a plan. But she has a job that requires her to be on her feet a lot during the day and is quite physical, so the GP thought it best to finish up now and rest ahead of the birth.

I think it's brilliant as I was seeing how tired she was each day after work. Also, these extra 3 weeks, allows her more time to focus on preparing as best she can mentally and physically for childbirth.

She has yoga to do, hypnobirthing, perineal massage down the line, will be able to read up on things and more importantly have the ability to rest when she needs to.

One benefit so far of my wife being off, and granted it has only been a day, is that she made me a fancy breakfast on Monday morning. We'll see how long this habit lasts.

Kung Fu Kid

As you may have seen on my social media, the baby has been moving like mad recently. It's throwing out Kung Fu kicks left right and centre and just moving a lot all the time.

Now, this is down to the baby getting bigger and increasing its activity inside an ever reducing area. So when he/she moves you can really feel and see the movements on and through the skin.

This time is incredible for us Dads to be. You not only get to feel the movement but being able to see them is mind-blowing. I've found myself just staring at the movement, almost lost in the moment of it, starting to think what they might look like and just getting excited about meeting the little guy/girl. As another Dad said to me recently, just soak this time and kicks all in. And I am, I can't get enough of it.

My wife's insides on the other hand...well.

Leaking Boobs

If the ticking clock wasn't enough of a reality that we'll be welcoming a baby into the house soon. My wife's leaking boobs most certainly drove that fact home at the weekend for me.

It's quite common lads for your wife/partners milk to come in early. So, no need to freak out but it is a bit of an eye-opener to just how close I am to becoming a Dad.

My wife noticed a small leakage Saturday night. Nothing more than a drop but again it's this realisation that your other half is going to be a Mom soon. That she will be more than just my wife.

One Month on Monday

On Monday it will be exactly one month from our due date. It only seems like a few weeks ago, we were hiding the fact my wife was pregnant from her family, refilling beer bottles with non-alcoholic beer and making fake G&T's for a family event.

February has flown by and these next few weeks will to I'm sure. For some reason also, recently it's sticking in my mind the fact a full-term pregnancy is anything after 37 weeks which is only 2 weeks away. I keep thinking what happens if the baby arrives in 2 weeks?

Now that would be crazy!

2 thoughts on “Kung Fu Kid, Leaking Boobs and My Wife is off Work

  1. Exciting times ahead, enjoy the last few weeks of just the two of you, it will never be the two of you again our little lady is arriving in 3 weekscant wait to meet her, loving your blogs!

    1. Thanks for reading and following Gavin. Yeah, I’m buzzing at the moment with excitement. We are definitely taking the time to enjoy just the two of us before it all. 3 weeks will fly for you.

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