Lockdown 2021 Training
Just a little look into my training so far in 2021 and what I'm doing while the gyms are closed

So, I haven't done a fitness related blog in a while. I had other things on my mind would ya believe it. However, those who know me well know that I like to stay in shape and keep on top of fitness. And I'll keep doing that consistently behind the scenes as they say. Lockdown 2021 training I will admit though has been a frustrating one, to say the least.

I was just getting back into the swing of things in the gym before Christmas only for them to shut up shop (along with the whole country) and leave me without my daily routine of smashing some tin around at 6 am.

My overall strength was getting back to where it was before the previous lockdowns, and I'm sure there was plenty of avid gym-goers like myself that it felt like a kick in the stones to their "gains", "fitness", "goals" or whatever it is you use the gym for.

And then it just so happened to coincide with my annual "eat my body weight daily of food over a week". A time when I could justify, in my own head, overeating as I was training daily to burn off said calories.

So it was that time again to redo a home workout plan or schedule to keep me sane and also prevent me from turning into the guy "Who ate all the pies!".

Lockdown 2021 Blues

I'll be honest, at the beginning of the year I was training, but I wasn't that motivated to train. I was just doing it, going through the sweaty motions as I know that ultimately I'll feel better for doing it both physically and mentally.

I still don't feel I'm as motivated to train in the same way I would be if I had a full gym at my disposal. Something about training in your kitchen doesn't quite do it for me.

So, I don't have space or the money mind you to buy a whole load of weights, barbells or dumbells. I may have mentioned that before, but I did decide to splash out and get some extra bands to increase the variety of exercises I could do.

I'll be honest, they're only ok. Nowhere near the level of resistance, I'd like but they've been a godsend in the fact they've allowed me to change up and vary my workouts and keep me somewhat sane. It also allows me to train slightly similar to what I do in the gym with regards to my splits.

Current Training & Schedule

So, for anyone that might be interested in my training plan at the moment. Here it is below. Now I walk Indie daily but do try and get two big cardio session in during the week. At the moment I do them on dryer days so will move around the workouts to accommodate.

Here's my split:

Chest & Tri's


Back & Biceps

Core & Cardio

Shoulders & Arms

Legs or Full Bodyweight Workout

Core & Cardio

This is what I aim for each week. However, the weather has not been my friend so I've only really been getting in one solid run a week. So, I tend to do extra mileage then to make up for it.

Now here's the break down in each session. (The first number is sets and the second is reps, just FYI)

Chest & Triceps

Push-Ups - 4 x 25

KB Floor Pres - 4 x 12 each side

Cable Band Press s/s Flys (High Door Attachment) - 4 x 12

Cable Band Press s/s Flys (Middle Door Attachment) - 4 x 12

Cable Band Flyes (Low Door Attachment) - 4 x 12

Single Arms Tricep Extension Across the Body - 4 x 12 each arm

Underhand Tricep Extension - 4 x 12

Push-Ups - 3 x Failure


Bulgarian Split Squat s/s Air Squats - 4 x 12 each leg / 20

KB Lunges s/s Jump Squats - 4 x 12 each leg / 20

KB RDL'S s/s Band Walks - 4 x 12

Narrow Stance Squats with Weight s/s Bodyweight Narrow Stance Squats - 4 x 15 / 25

Cable Band Lying Leg Curl - 4 x 20 (2 second hold)

Standing Cable Band Leg Extensions - 4 x 20 each leg with 2 second hold.

Back & Biceps

Cable Band Pulldowns - 4 x 25

Lat Pulldown (cable bands) - 4 x 15 with 2 second hold on each rep.

KB One Armed Row s/s Bent Over Underhand Row - 4 x 12 / 12

Seated Cable Band One Armed Row s/s Double Armed Row - 4 x 12 / 20

Face Pulls - 4 x 15

Single Arm Band Curls - 4 x 12 each arm

Double Arm Band Curls - 4 x 12


Band Ab Curls - 4 x 25

Band Oblique Twists - 4 x 12 each side

Band Lower Ab raises - 4 x 20

Ab Complex ( Leg raises 25, Russian Twists 40, Sit Up with twist 40, Crunches 20) - 4 rounds.

Swiss ball Crunches s/s Swiss Ball Rotations - 4 x 12 / 12

Shoulders & Arms

KB Push Press - 4 x 12 each arm

Seated Cable Band Press - 4 x 15

KB Hammer Grip Shoulder Press (8kg KB) - 4 x 12 each arm

Cable Band Rear Delt Flyes s/s Red Band Rear Delt Flyes - 4 x 12

Cable Band Single Arm Front Raises - 4 x 12

KB Shrugs s/s KB Upright Rows - 4 x 12 / 12

Band Lat Raise s/s Dumbbell Lat Raise - 6 x 12 / 20

Double Arm Tricep Extension - 4 x 20

Double Arm Bicep Curl - 4 x 20

Let me know what you think of the workout should you give them a go.

2 thoughts on “Lockdown 2021 Training

  1. Great read Rob. Nice breakdown of the full home workout as well. I may get stuck in and use that as a guide.

    1. Cheers Mark, just thought I’d share what I’m doing. It’s nothing major but just wanted to do a few weeks of splits or body parts as opposed to full body sessions every day.

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