Push Present Ideas for Her
A few ideas I had on Push Presents and what I might get my other half.

Day 112 and my wife has hit the 16-week mark. She quipped to me this morning about a Push Present, which got me thinking. One there is no way I'm getting out of this one unless I fancy a divorce... and secondly what do I get.

Swiftly onto Google for a quick glance for ideas on what to get as a push present. Up comes jewellery like bracelets and necklaces in a variety of different styles. A pendant and necklace pretty much look to same to me. Silk pillow cases, a strange one! Then you had candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and a host of lotions and potions that promise they will revitalize a new mum who is sleep deprived and covered in sick.

Then you have somewhat more practical items like tote bags and designer baby bags, a Google Home, an Amazon Echo etc. Things that will help make life a little easier.

But I'm like who wants to pay €500 for a designer baby bag that will inevitably end up being something you carry human feces around in. It might look good, but that won't help with the smell.

I'll tell ya right now none of these came into my head when I thought about a push present for my wife. None of the above screamed to me "Ya know what, she'd fucking love that". You might be in the same boat gents.

So, here are my 'Push Presents for Her' suggestions.

Real Push Present Ideas

Wine, oh glorious wine. She's just spent the last 9 months not enjoying a glass or two of red on a Friday evening. She may have already told you this along with a look, (that says both I'm jealous and I'm thinking of killing you with your own beer), when she hears the sound of a can/bottle opening. I'd splash out and order a couple of bottles of her favourite wine as a push present. Or even buy your favourite cheap bottle every week and build up a nice little store.

Next on my list. Grab some of her favourite coffee beans or even splash out on a new coffee machine altogether. Let's be honest here, the likelihood is that there will be many sleepless nights and plenty of coffee will come in handy. You want her, I mean us, to be alert and awake when dealing with a new born. We'll deal with the fact she can't sleep because of the coffee and that she's so wired she's seeing sounds at a later date. Still, I would deem this a thoughtful and practical present.

On this point above, a Hot Cup or thermos cup to keep said coffee warm. Nothing worse than having to go do something, like change a nappy and then coming back to your tea/coffee being cold and taking that god awful sip. No one likes that moment when you have to spit the cold manky tea back into the cup. We've all been there. Again thoughtful and practical.

A voucher for me "To Feck Off Out Of The House with the Baby So I Can Have an Hour of Peace and Quiet". We all need a break every once in a while. I think this push present will go down a treat.

A Poached egg maker. Having spoken to a few pregnant women. One thing that keeps popping up is their frustration over the fact they can't have any under cooked eggs. All hard boiled eggs can wear on someone. So, pick up a poached egg maker for the perfect poached eggs once baby arrives. You could also grab her a voucher for her favourite brunch spot for some eggs benedict if she's missed that over the last 9 months.

Last but not least on my list is Meats & Cheeses. Now lads, if you're trying to have a baby and are unware of this fact. But pregnant women can't have processed meats (unless you cook them) and unpasteurized cheeses. These are usually things like cured hams like iberico ham, serrano and proscuitto and soft cheeses like brie and blue. My wife is missing them big time and she can't be the only one. So, head to the market and pick up all the ingredients to make one hell of 'Welcome to Parenthood' charcuterie board. It will pair well with the wine above.

I feel these push presents are both thoughtful and practical. It shows you put some level of thought and effort into it. Also, I think Push Presents should be all the things you didn't get to enjoy while pregnant. My wife is well able to enjoy a necklace at the moment. So, in my wife's case she would be a bit of foodie. Hence, the above. But your wife or partner might be mad to burn a car around on mondelo or enjoy some adrenaline pumping experience she wasn't able to do because she was pregnant. I'd say think way outside of the box and go with that.

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