Push Present Ideas for Him
We put in a lot of effort during the pregnancy. Do we not get a push present too?

I literally just finished writing a blog on Push Present Ideas for Her and it got me thinking. What about Push Presents for us Dads. I mean do we not deserve something for all our efforts? (In my mind I'm visualizing loads of Dads cheering, Here! Here!... the reality is probably more like... "Shut up bai, this will not end well for you").

Now, I'm sure I'll get "But Rob, you're not the one physically pushing out a baby. Hence the name Push Present". I get that, but hear me out. One it takes two to tango and make a baby. Dads or partners play a huge role in the development of the baby during pregnancy and provide huge support throughout the whole 9 months. They aim to reduce stress levels for the mother where possible, take the lead in more physical activities that need be done around the house etc, be a shoulder to cry on, talk to and they also know when to bite their tongue when hormones may be flying around. (Also, if your other half is having a 'moment' we'll call it. Do not... I swear do not, under any circumstances should 'You' utter the word 'hormones'. You have more chance coming out alive playing keepy-ups with a live grenade, than coming out well in that conversation). Take that as a Dad tip of the day.

This kinda comes back to me talking about, Dads and guys being forgotten about throughout the pregnancy. However, they're there for all if not the majority of the bits neither her family, your family or friends will see. Or want to see for that matter. So, take a minute and think about them.

Ya know what, instead of referring it as a Push Present. Why don't we call it a Support Present.

Now, in general we men don't ask for much. Often times, like Christmas presents which is coming soon, it's more 'Sure I don't need anything', 'I don't mind what ya get me' or 'Ya know what I need a [insert something practical here]'. But I'm here to advocate for Dads and in this particular moment in time for Push/Support Presents for Him.

Push Presents/Support Presents for Him

Look we're not asking for much. I've thrown a few things that would be on my wish list... in case my wife is reading this, please take note. Some simple items, some a little different and something if she really wants to spoil me.

First up, Beer! Good Beer! Fuck knows when this pandemic is going properly piss off and I can enjoy a proper few pints in a bar without wondering if we should take out the guy who just cleared his throat. A case or two of his favourite beer, IPA, Stout or whatever your tipple is like whiskey. You might just get a few tears from the big fella ladies.

A match/game pass voucher. This one is free, for anyone who might be price conscious. A match pass is simply to be allowed enjoy a football, Rugby or GAA match in peace with a few beers uninterrupted. The duration of this match pass should include pre and post match analysis. It's up to the Dad then to decide when he wants to use it. Tough decision mind you.

Staying on the sports theme. A Sky Sports subscription would be the job. I'd be one happy camper hanging out with my baby, feeding it or keeping an eye on baby while having the sport on in the background. Happy days! And when my wife leaves, explain the finer details of each sport to them. The offside rule, capitalzing on a 2-on-1 or a 3-on-2 down the blindside or why our club is such a shambles at the moment.

Ok, so I know not all Dads are sport loving or beer guzzling buffoons. I'm not a gamer but if the Dad in your life loves video games or online gaming, why not pick up a Gaming Chair so when he does get the chance to game. He does so in comfort.

Next on my list, and my wife has been well informed of this. Matching Budgy Smugglers! I'm already rocking them proudly at the moment. But I'll be a fully fledged Dad, sprouting Dad Jokes at every opportunity. My offspring should have matching Budgy Smugglers because his/her Dad is cool and they want to be cool too. Also, they're practical. You get some vitamin D on your pasty legs. If the little rug rat decides to go for a little walkabout on the beach, where I go a lot. People will know immediately who the little terror belongs too. Lastly, you'll get a bit of eye candy to enjoy ladies.

Now, you'll have to work with me. Try and visualize it in your mind. It's a summers day, Dad is proudly standing in the back garden rocking his smugglers, beer in hand while the sun beats down as he surveys the garden watching over his wife and child. What's missing? The Ultimate Dad accessory of course. A BBQ! Let him get his cook on ladies as you sit back and relax with baby. That is a win-win gift in my opinion.

Lastly, for the big spenders out there. Those who are really looking to treat a Dad right. Forget about new flat screen TV's, Apple Watches or a hair transplant for us balding dads in Turkey. Ladies, families or whoever. You really wanna spoil a Dad? Get him a new Shed all to his own, not one that will have a stinking lawnmower in it. He'll be a loss of words as the teardrops stream down his face. He's welcomed his baby into the world and now he's welcoming a new shed into his world. A shed that he will turn into a man cave. That he and baby can enjoy. "No wives allowed" them the rules. You do what you wish with the house, but this beautiful shed you leave to me.

So, there ya have it ladies/partners/family members. A few Push Present Ideas for Him. If you've any suggestion to add to the list. Drop them in the comments below.

***Disclaimer*** I read this to my wife before publishing. She glared at me throughout and although we need a new BBQ. She mumbled something like "all I deserve is a kick up the arse!".... Not looking good for a Push Present or Support Present for me lads.

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