Scans, Plans and Automobiles
Only 8 weeks to go! Time is ticking down!

8 weeks... 8 weeks like... Eight weeks until I'm a Dad. Jaysus! The weeks are flying by lads. I can't get over how quickly January went especially in lockdown, I was expecting it to feel like lent on steroids.

Even with this lockdown, it's been a busy fortnight for us both. There have been scans, DIY, planning, preparation and even sourcing new cars. When the baby actually arrives, it might feel like we're getting a break.

Wishful fucking thinking I imagine.

32 Week Scans

Over the last 10 days, my wife has had 2 separate scans. One in scan CUMH and one appointment with the midwife out in Carrigtwohill of all places. Anyway, the 32-week scan was to see how the baby was doing and also to see if the placenta had moved.

In a previous scan, as with many women (it's quite common fellas), my wife was told that her placenta was a little low lying. Now they said that the likelihood is that it will move but the 32-week scan would show that. If it hadn't moved by then, my wife would be looking at having a C-section.

Happy to say the placenta has moved and it's looking all good for a natural birth.

The scan also showed that baby is weighing in at a healthy 3.5lbs at the moment. He/she is also facing head down, bottom-up at this point and if you were to look at my wife, the baby's back, spine and arse are on her right side. The hands and feet are on the left delivery countless blows to my wife's ribs and insides.

Some cool facts about this point in pregnancy are that the baby is practising its breathing movements for life outside the womb and they're nearly perfect now. Also, their fingernails have grown almost long enough for a trim.

Also, at this point of pregnancy, when my wife is standing, she can't see her toes. She now has a very unique way of putting on her socks now, which involves her standing, bending her leg, catching her toes in the sock as the leg comes down and then pulling the rest of the sock on. If she's not bothered with that song and dance, I get called into action.

She has also given up on tieing shoelaces and has invested in a pair of slip-on Sketchers. My knees thank her for it and to be fair, they're also super comfy.

The baby's movement is a mental feeling at the moment fellas. I can't get over it. The kicks are so strong which are hitting high numbers on the Grunt Scale. But the baby is moving around in there all the time and you'll see the skin on the bump raise slightly from time to time.

The best way I can describe what it feels like from the Dad's point of view when you place your hand on the bump. Is, have you ever sat in one of those massage chairs and hit the Shiatsu massage setting, which moves in circles?

That's what it feels like moving up, down and across your hands. Unfortunately, this movement is not providing any form of relaxation for my wife.

How my Wife is Feeling

On this note, and for those wondering, my wife for the most part is feeling good. Heartburn is still annoying her on a daily basis and she's got something a little stronger than Rennie off the GP.

Her hip is also a bit sore but she's booked in for physio next week to help alleviate that.

As the baby grows and takes more space inside. The need to run to the loo is getting greater with the added pressure. When it comes to sleep, she has good nights and bad nights, but at this stage, there is no night that she sleeps through. Which means I'm getting broken sleep too. Just giving ye the heads up lads, expect it.

Pregnant women are not quiet and subtle creatures when they wake in the middle of the night and need to use the loo again.

On a positive note, my wife is using a night light we bought for the baby's room instead of turning on the actual bathroom light which would automatically start the extractor fan in the ensuite.

She's very thoughtful, I'll give her that. Now, if she was only the same way with the duvet.

Planning & Preparation

It's not like we haven't been planning or preparing for the baby's arrival. But both me and my wife had a sense this week it's just gone up a notch. We got the prams sorted, we're doing the exercises, the hypnobirthing, the Baby room is nearly done, I don't have that much painting left in the house, and we're checking things off to make sure we have everything we need.

My wife is starting to put together her hospital bag which is a big thing and kinda gives a sense that we're very close now.

My wife has another appointment with the GP this week coming and the appointments with the midwife & GP will start getting more frequent in the run up to the birth.

Also, a good friend of mine, The Wine Bluff, is expecting his first in the next week or so. Perhaps that's adding to it too. This whole sense of getting close to the birth.

Oh we Got New Cars!

So yeah, this all happened quicker than we thought it would, we both got new cars recently. I actually got mine yesterday.

The plan initially was to get my wife's car sorted first as her previous car needed to be upgraded. Also, neither her car nor my van had Isofix for a car seat. Which let's be honest lads, is kind of an essential requirement with a baby.

It was a very strange experience buying a car during a pandemic. First up was my wife's car and we essentially bought the car online, like a pair of runners or something and the guys deliver the car to your door. You have a 5-day money-back guarantee, which is almost like a 5-day test drive in a sense. The car is great, no complaints. Just odd instead of what you might normally do and head to a few different garages and do a few test drives.

But this is the world we live in at the moment.

So, one car sorted. Happy days. The plan then was to sell my van and then look for a car for myself. I was looking on DoneDeal about the van when I just so happened to do a random search on cars for myself in Cork since I was there. Next thing, boom. Low and behold the car I've been looking for popped up, with everything and more that I was looking for in it. It's now currently sitting outside the house.

It was to good to turn down or pass by and it's all just happened quicker than expected. It's mad. So, that's another thing checked off list.

Plan for the weekend?

I'm taking this weekend to relax a bit and will do a few small jobs about the house before getting stuck back into a big painting job on Monday. If you're looking for me, I shall be planting my arse well in truly in front of the TV for the Six Nations and of course, I'll be up late Sunday for SuperBowl.

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