Second Trimester Musings
Just some of my thoughts on the 2nd trimester. As after Christmas and New Years. We're into the 3rd Trimester. Happy Christmas!

My wife hits Week 26 on Christmas Eve, day 182 of pregnancy. She is nearly at the end of the second trimester (which is week 28). So, I thought I'd share with ye lads a few thoughts I've had on the second trimester and what you should expect.

Some Symptoms Go, Some Stay

Now my wife didn't suffer with morning sickness but if your partner does that will disappear like a fart on a windy day in the second trimester. This will be a welcome relief to a lot of women fellas.

Once I feared that my pregnant wife was turning into sleeping beauty as she slept so much. Now she's way more energetic which is fantastic. However, this new found energy comes at a price. She has all this energy but can't meet up with friends with all the restrictions. That song 'Ironic' by Alanis Morrissette springs to mind.

She does still need to pee a lot. Which some women say they don't have the same urge to in the second trimester. However, the baby drops in the 3rd trimester, which means there will be no reprieve from this symptom.

So, after the first trimester. You'll be happy to know lads that your wife/partner will be able to leave the house with out fear of throwing up in the car, needing to do a wilda-pee or falling asleep before ye make it into town.


Word of advice, buy Rennie every time you see it. Have it on hand or lob boxes of it into her handbag any time you think of it. My wife's appetite has definitely improved in the second trimester. Of course it would, she's growing my baby and if they're anything like me. They'll love to eat.

But as a result of this comes heartburn. Now, I've never had heartburn myself but judging off the faces my wife makes. It doesn't look like a pleasant experience.

One positive thing to take from heartburn gents. When you kiss your other half, they'll taste of peppermint due to the Rennie.

People Want To Touch Her Belly

This comes with the territory I suppose. But with covid and all that jazz. Personal space and not touching people is kind of big thing. However, it's like people go into auto-pilot once they see a friend/family member with a bump. Drawn to it like a moth to a flame or that blue yoke ya see in chippers.

"Must...touch...the...belly. Must...touch...the...belly"

It's one thing family & friends doing it. But expect a few strangers or people you half know or to see, to try and touch the belly too. I always wonder what reaction I would get if I just walked up to someone I half knew and rubbed their belly.

"And how was your dinner? (In baby voice) You're a big dinner aren't you?"

The Baby Can Hear All the Shit We Talk About

At this point in time. Our baby can hear sounds from inside the womb. Luckily they don't understand a thing you say. Thank fuck as I talk some stupid shit at times.

They do react to sounds. So, I've found playing certain music or songs on the ukulele will get some activity in the form of swift kick to my wife's bladder.

I read by week 27, which is only a week away, they begin to recognise voices. So, I'll be laying down over the Christmas break and chatting to it non stop. Telling he/she all my best Dad Jokes and that 'Dad' should be your first word.

People ask you 'Is it a Boy or Girl'

As predictable as the tides. Expect this question. You have the option of knowing the sex at the 20 week mark. We opted to keep it a surprise as it's our first.

People will ask is it a boy or girl. If you tell them you're leaving it a surprise.

They'll tell you what they think you're having.

"You're having a boy, I just know it!"

In response: "Well ya have a 50% chance of being right there love...and who are you again?"

Whatever Your Wife/Partner Eats, The Baby Eats

Yep, in the 2nd trimester your baby starts to develop their taste buds. At the moment they're mainly swallowing some amniotic fluid each day for nutrition, hydration, and to practice swallowing and digesting. But as I mentioned, their taste buds are developing. And what are they tasting? Whatever is on your wife or partners' plate.

Baby's can react to certain foods like spicy foods with little hiccups. Which is mad to think. And the foods your wife/partner eats now, your baby is more likely to eat foods with the same taste after birth.

Kicks, Glorious Kicks

Honestly, my favourite bit of the second trimester and I reckon it will be the same for a lot of Dads too. It's the Kicks. I can't get enough of them. It's the only physical connection we as Dads have during pregnancy. I love them so much.

And they continuously get stronger.

You'll be lying there with your hand on your wife's or partners belly. Saying stuff like "They're going to have some boot on them". Then you'll try anything to illicit more kicks.

"Drink this, eat that. I'm hoping to see the toes tonight."

Merry Christmas

So, there ya have it. Just a few things I was thinking about our second trimester. We're heading into our last Christmas as just a couple. Next year will be so different.

When January 2021 arrives, I reckon the time will fly and before you know it, I'll be waiting outside CUMH awaiting the nod to go inside. It's an incredibly exciting time. Even with everything going on.

The plan is to relax over the break, spend some quality time with each other and then it's full steam into 2021.

Finally, If I don't see ya, I hope you and yours has a wonderful Christmas and New Years.


Rob, Ruth, Indie & Bump

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