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Erin and her Quantum Leap
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Erin is coming on in Leaps and bounds.
Things You Miss When You Become A Parent
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Oh, how I do miss hot drinks.
Things That Annoy New Parents
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There are a few things you'll hear as new parents that are bound to annoy you.
Training with a Newborn
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It's all about being flexible in how you train, how long you train and what time you train.
Benefits of Working From Home with a Newborn
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Just a few benefits of working from home with a newborn.
Daddy & Me Workshop
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Erin and I attended a baby massage class
PTPD – Post Traumatic Poonami Disorder
By Rob | | 3 Comments |
Post Traumatic Poonami Disorder or PTPD is a disorder that affects 1 in every 3 Dads in Ireland 😅
Baby Appointments & Paperwork
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Just a few appointments we had in the first 5 weeks, that you might need to think about and the paperwork you need to do asap.
My Tips for New Dads
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These should come in handy lads
The Star of the Show, My Wife!
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
She's one hell of woman, wife and mother!
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