Push Present Ideas for Him
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We put in a lot of effort during the pregnancy. Do we not get a push present too?
Push Present Ideas for Her
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A few ideas I had on Push Presents and what I might get my other half.
First Antenatal Class, The NFL and Skid-marks
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
My first antenatal class and seeing something I wish I could un-see.
Bonding with a Belly, I mean Bump
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Time to lean over lads and start getting to know your partners belly a whole lot better.
Ask a Dad how he’s Really Doing & The Lads WhatsApp Group
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
Seeing as it was World Mental Health Day, don't forget to check in on a Dad.
How to help with Morning Sickness
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Just a few tips lads on How to help with Morning Sickness.
My Fears and Anxieties on becoming a Dad
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
Just some of My Fears and Anxieties on becoming a Dad and how I deal with the feckers!
How I’m Currently Training
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
This is How I'm Currently Training at the moment before the baby arrives and while I have the time.
We Told Our Families
By Rob | | 5 Comments |
We Told Our Families the news, had our 12 week scan and a "Well Done" means more than you think
The 8-Week Scan
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
"What if my wife isn't actually pregnant??"... Just a thought as we head in for the 8-week scan
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