New Dad
Travelling with a Toddler
By Rob | | 0 Comments |
Just sharing a few bits after a recent trip up to County Mayo
I’m going to be an Uncle!
By Rob | |
Erin is going to have a cousin! 🙌
Crawling, Christmas and Antigen Tests
By Rob | | 1 Comments |
Just a little blog about Erin crawling like mad and enjoying Christmas 🎅🏻
Moving Erin into her own Bed & Room
By Rob | | 0 Comments |
We've moved Erin into her own cot and bedroom. Here's how we did it and our sleep routine.
We’ve Started Baby Led Weaning
By Rob | | 2 Comments |
Erin's moving onto solids and we're doing baby led weaning. Oh... the mess.
6 Months of Being a Dad
By Rob | |
Just a few thoughts as I look back on the 6 months of being a Dad.
The Battle of Bedtime
By Rob | | 1 Comments |
It's starting to become a real battle to put Erin to sleep at night 😅
Our First Trip Away
By Rob | | 0 Comments |
Well, it was an interesting few days away ahead of our staycation.
Erin is Teething!
By Rob | | 0 Comments |
I did not expect Erin to be teething at 3 months!
The Importance of ME Time
By Rob | | 0 Comments |
Taking some time for yourself is really important lads
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