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Just some useful links if you're looking for some more information about pregnancy and parenthood.

I thought this might be a handy page to throw up here for any expecting Dads out there. I don't think there's any dedicated Dad websites actually, well none I've come across. Often times it's a small Dad's section of a website and it's not in plain view or that easy to find on first look.

So I thought, if you're like me. Looking to be involved in as many aspects of pregnancy and parenting and looking for information. I'd save ye the hassle of looking through those sites and throw some links up here. And also what to not bother with maybe.

This is the HSE's website fellas. In a nutshell it's a fucking huge website with a ton of information. I've broken this one into sections like it does on the homepage and included the relevant links.

Pregnancy is the first section covered. Now I'd suggest having a look around this page. There is so much info on the different trimesters, symptoms etc. Well worth a read. There is only 2, we'll say dedicated pages for Partners or Support person.

These are How to be a birth partner and How to help your partner during pregnancy. Again, you'll be navigated to different pages and info.

Labour and Birth is the second section covered. Now there isn't any specific Dad or partner pages in this. But I've picked out 2 pages that might be of help to us Dads. Contractions and other signs of labour and Giving Birth.

The last 2 sections is Babies & Toddlers and Parents. Again no specific Dad pages but definitely plenty of useful information for whatever stage of parenthood you may be at. is a brilliant website and again has tons of information for all stages of parenthood. Now the particular focus of this site is on the women's side. But they do have a Dad's Corner. Now, Dad's Corner is not as regularly updated as other parts of the site but there are some good tips there. However, if you search the website for a particular topic you're trying to find info on. I'm sure you'll get it.

There is a plethora of information on lads. I'll say this, and in case the guys read this, finding the 'Just for Dads' section isn't that easy. To be fair, us Dad's probably are not their man target audience. In saying that, the section is a great Q&A style page. Which should answer a lot of the questions you may be having. Again, if those specific questions is not what you're looking for. You'll be sure to find it with a quick search in the search box.

Right I'll be straight with ye lads. There is no Dad section on the site. Which is a bit annoying. There is a section called 'Partner During Pregnancy' but there is zip in there and all ya get is a '404'. When I searched 'Dad' you just get a few news topics or the odd story. So, not great on the old Dad specific content.

Personally I'd leave it off but I will say this though, if you're looking for info on say the 2nd or 3rd trimester. So you can better understand the woman's side. Then you'll find plenty of info.

Again, no specific Dad page that I could find. However, they do have plenty of Dad related topics in different sections should you use the search bar. And like the others, plenty of info on the site for any topic you're looking for info on with regards your expecting partner. &

Alas, no Dad specific section to find here either. You will just find the latest parenting & pregnancy news, baby names ideas along with discussions on certain topics.

My wife has the book on her beside locker which I do read if I'm looking for information on something specific. The online version is far better in my opinion and has a dedicated page for Expecting Dads or Partners. It gives a full breakdown in each trimester. Then you can simply navigate through the site for what's to come afterwards. I personally think it's a way better laid out than the by the HSE.

There ya have it lads. Just a few pages to check out or to not bother with too. Hopefully this is of some help to ye.

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