The Last Hurrah!
What would you do as a last hurrah before the baby arrives?

As I write this there is 120 days until the baby's due date, which is just a little over 17 weeks. Time is ticking down and I'm as excited as ever to meet the little legend that my wife and I created.

Someone mentioned in conversation to me recently that this will be our last Christmas as just a couple. To enjoy it as come next year it will be whole different ball game. So, it got me thinking in general about 'A' or 'The Last Hurrah!".

I've heard women refer to this as the Babymoon, where you "as a couple" enjoy a weekend break in a hotel. Enjoy some dinner, views and maybe book your wife/partner in for a massage, manicure or a facial etc. That sort of stuff.

All the while the man is sitting in the sauna of the leisure centre sweating his balls off thinking about how he might be able to watch the match later without getting in trouble for it on 'the babymoon'.

Answer to that by the way is, run her a bath and make sure there is tons of bubbles and a bottle of non-alcoholic prosecco.

What I want as my Last Hurrah.

So, I'll start by saying Covid has royally fucked any grandiose plans I might have had so these are more guidelines around what I'd like to do. And these are just for me by the way. I've a few ideas of what I'd like to do as a couple too.

Get Proper Pissed

As many of you have alluded to me, time on my own is about to disappear. So, it goes without saying I want to enjoy a proper session before the baby arrives, without the worry of waking he/she up stumbling about the house and vice versa. No one wants to be woken up by or to wake a screaming baby after 24hr bender.

Ideally, I'd love to do this in a pub and with all the lads but that is looking very unlikely before the due date.

Buy something Stupid

My bank account is about to get an absolute doing over the course of the next quarter of a century.

My good god... I'm off to crack open a beer as that little nugget of information sinks in.

I'll say "I'm doing it out of love" but if he/she gives me any cheek I'll have a list ready of what I could have used that money on.

"You know I could have had a boat?"

Anyway, I'd love to buy something stupid if you get me. We've all done it down through the years. I'm thinking like vespa or little petrol/electric scooter for messing about on. Or a new surfboard that I probably won't get a chance to use as I'll be too busy, but it will look good at the very least. Or a Lego Millennium Falcon that I can build in peace with a few beers with the Lego Movie on at the same time. I'd also like to not be nagged for a week about the fact it doesn't look good in the living room...or anywhere in the house.

Enjoying the quiet

Through my research I've been told that babies are fierce loud criers, that like a good whinge and are selfish little feckers. It's all me, me, me.

Feed me, change me, prop my head up. Is there anything they can do?

This is just want I've been told.

But sometimes you can't beat just some peace and quiet. No noise of someone doing something in the background while you're watching a rugby match or movie.

Ahhhh, a bliss that I plan on enjoying before the baby arrives.

I'll Enjoy calling my wife her actual Name

This is something that I find odd to comprehend. Calling my wife 'Mom'. I know it's only in front of the baby, and it's done with the hope that it will be their first word or some derivative of that, but still. It's strange calling your wife, 'Mom' end of.

And sure anyway, we all know the kids first word is going to be Dad.

Also, I've been calling only one woman in my life 'Mam' for 34 years. All of a sudden you throw another mother into the mix. I think the first time I call my wife, 'Mom' (she doesn't want to be called 'Mam') I'll feel a little weird.

What do you think I should do for My Last Hurrah?

Right, I thought this might be an interesting way to finish this blog. I'd love to get your suggestions of what I should do? Maybe it's what you would do, did do or would have done in hindsight.

Leave a comment below and I'll add them all to a list here on this blog then, forever in a day. This way any Dad-to-be's or parents-to-be, can use the ideas for their own last hurrah.

Go on, help a lad out and leave a comment. Nice one in advance!

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