The Pregnancy Card
Be prepared to get the Pregnancy Card served up to you over the 9 months of pregnancy.

Day 124 of pregnancy which is just over 17 and half weeks for anyone who doesn't fancy doing the math. My wife and Bub (what we are referring to her bump as) are doing fine. Zero morning sickness, just some natural fatigue and being tired. Oh, it's around this time that they say you'll start to feel some flutters or kicks. Nothing to report as of yet gents. Trust me when I feel those kicks ye'll know about it!

I'm talking to Bub daily at this point. Firstly for my own efforts to help bond with the baby, and keep up the routine, but also the baby's ears are now formed and he/she will start to hear sounds from 18 weeks on, which is only two days away.

Also, my wife's bump is now way more obvious. She had a bump obviously for the last couple of weeks but it's now protruding out way more over the last few days. There is no doubt about it to anyone that meets her now. She pregnant!

Side note; I once made the mistake of thinking a woman was pregnant, offering my seat on a busy bus to her before asking when she was due... Her face said it all, I got off the bus as quickly as I could and had a long walk home in the rain.

Now where was I, when I found out I was going to be a Dad, I had wondered when I might experience my first 'Pregnancy Card'. This is not a Congratulations card from family or friends. No gentleman, this is "The Pregnancy Card", the one your wife/partner will deal when she doesn't want or fancy doing something.

When She Might Use The Pregnancy Card

Let me get this out of the way first. If I had the Pregnancy Card at my disposal. I'd use it, we all would.

But I got dealt my first Pregnancy Card at the weekend. We were enjoying a lie in, sure what else would you be doing on a long weekend and especially when you can't go anywhere. She wanted a cup of tea but didn't want to leave the warmth of the bed.

She didn't have it in her to brave the polar air that our landing is famous for. The descent down the stairs was looking too treacherous even for seasoned mountain climbers. If that wasn't enough, she would have to then soldier along the icy plains that is our hallway and make it past the hound that guards the kitchen.

Then like a bolt of lightening it came to her. My wife decided to play 'The Pregnancy Card'.

You've no real comeback to be honest lads. Other than saying you're going to use the pregnancy card on this? For a cup of Tea? I wish I did and if I do come up with one, I'll let ye know.

I was also oblivious to the fact that later on that day & weekend I'd be serially nabbed with 'the Pregnancy Card'.

Few Things My Wife has used The Pregnancy Card For.

I feel this will become quite a long list by the end of the 9 months. Perhaps I'll have to write a full list once the baby arrives. Post it up on the blog for all expecting Dads. If you have any please do share in the comments section.

Ok here's what I have so far...

Going Up the Stairs for anything... be it keys, a top, a book, a bag. You name it. If she doesn't fancy it, expect the Pregnancy Card to be delivered.

Bending over to clean a spill on the floor... Now I had a chuckle when this happened. My wife spilled some tea on the ground. Made a half assed effort to lean over to wipe, barely leaned over, let out a sigh and went "Pregnancy Card, can you clean that up?".

Now you might be thinking, ah Rob she's pregnant she shouldn't be bending over that much. To which I'd respond, she's 17 nearly 18 weeks and we were bending much more during the pregnancy Yoga.

The Bins... expect to be doing the bin run. This is down to the fact the bin stinks and can make her nauseous. Also it's cold, wet and windy out and no chance she's heading out in that.

Any errands she doesn't fancy... Like the bins or going for takeaway, if it involves leaving the house and she's in no mood. Be prepared to be met by the 'Pregnancy Card', that card will come at you so fast you'd swear it was Gambit from X-Men dishing them out.

Wants food handed to her... If your wife or partner finds themselves in a comfy spot on the couch or in bed. The jaws of life are not cutting her out of that position for anything. Be prepared for the 'Pregnancy Card' and to serve breakfast in bed or to her on the couch.

So, there you have it lads. You've been warned, you will be served the pregnancy card at some point. I'm sure I'll see the Pregnancy card more frequently used in the coming weeks. Wish me luck.

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