The Waiting Game
Tick... tock... Any day now!

My wife is 37 weeks pregnant as of last Thursday the 11th of March. It's 16 days, as I write this, until the due date. My good god! The time has flown and dragged in equal measure. I'm well and truly playing the waiting game at the moment.

It's squeaky bum time and as people keep saying to me... "Any day now!" Before you know it, I'll be burning down the south link in the car towards CUMH.

The appointments are starting to ramp up now, with weekly visits with the midwife/GP.

We've done classes, workshops, reading and home improvements to prepare as best we can. In sporting terms, training is over and it's nearly game time!

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I'm a very relaxed, laid back and go with the flow type of guy. However, sitting still has always been an issue for me, so much so my aunt once paid me a fiver to run around the house to burn off energy as a kid and she also paid me a fiver to stop talking for 5 minutes too.

I tend to have this sense when I'm sitting down or having a 'lazy day' that I should be doing something or I should do something to justify it. So, I'd go to the gym, run, clean, do some DIY, walk Indie or just do anything.

This hopefully paints a picture of the type of person I am and give an insight into how I might be feeling waiting for my wife to go into labour.

I'm bursting with energy and excitement for the baby to arrive but can't really do anything to speed up the process. I'm wishing it to come early now since the baby is technically full term. However, I need to sit still, wait and not head too far away on a walk or something just in case.

Waiting for your wife to go into labour reminds me of the saying "a watched pot never boils".

How She's Feeling & Her Body Changing

I'll tell ya this lads if I was going through everything that my wife is going through at the moment. I would be one grumpy bastard. No doubt about it, I'd have probably beaten some poor dope over the head with a courgette in Aldi at this point.

Ruth's sleep at the moment in a word is 'Shit'. Her hips are in ribbons and her back is stiff. There aren't enough massages or hot water bottles in Ireland to help.

Her body is starting to produce more of the hormone Relaxin and while feeling stiff and sore she also can feel her body "loosening" in preparation.

The bump has clearly dropped and is massive in all fairness too. There have been some mild Braxton Hicks contractions accompanied by pain in the lower back.

We keeping thinking, is this a sign it's going to happen soon?

Indie knows!

On the whole sign, the baby is coming soon. I'm convinced Indie knows. Recently, she has just been glued to my wife's side. She will sit beside her in the kitchen, the living room and in general, just wants a lot of attention from her.

Also, every so often Indie just stops dead in her tracks and stares at Ruth. We're both looking at each other wondering, "does she sense something is about to happen? Are you waters about to break?"

Then nothing happens...

I can't wait for Indie to meet the baby. On this, I've read a lot about introducing a baby to your dog. The plan is to bring an old t-shirt with me to the hospital, to essentially get the baby's scent, then bring it home and leave it in her bed. I would have used a vest or baby grow but with Covid, after the childbirth, I won't be allowed back into the hospital until I'm collecting baby and Ruth.

Indie will be in the house when we're bringing the baby home. Whoever is seen as the dog's master, which is me in this case, brings the baby into the house and introduces them.

If you've tried anything else, please do let me know.

Hospital Bag

The hospital bag is packed and ready to go. We've one near the front door ready to go in case of an emergency and a second one upstairs which needs 1 or 2 things to put in just before we leave.

We've used zip lock bags to make it easy to get the baby's vests, hats, babygrows. One zip lock back equals one outfit. Saves rummaging. The bag is also full of snacks, food and of course the hospital staple in Ireland, Lucozade Original.

On top of the hospital bag is the TENS machine and the Placenta encapsulation freezer bag so I don't forget to bring the ice packs from the freezer when the time comes to head to CUMH.

Sharing Advice Given To Me

Everyone I've spoken to who has kids or just recently had one have shared this piece of advice with me. Enjoy the time as just the two of you as you'll never have it again.

I'd love it if Covid wasn't a thing, as I think I would have organised a baby bucket list for me and my wife to do before the due date. But such is life, instead, I'm just enjoying spending time with my other half, having lazy days (when she does get me to sit still), eating too much, watching shit movies, going for walks and laughing at the most stupid shit that we'd only find funny.

As I've said already, right now, we're just playing the waiting game.

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