There’s Going to be a Baby in my House!
It's a bit mad really, there's going to be a baby living here and I'm going to be a Dad.

Recently, I find myself saying to myself or to Indie (my gorgeous dog) "it's just mad isn't it, there's going to be a baby here in like 10 weeks".

Other times, I'll be walking about the house and go...

"Fuuaaaa... Ha! Ruth? Ruth? Where are ya? You know there is going to be a baby living here in a couple of weeks? We're... we, as in you and me, are going to be parents! It's mad isn't it?"

(Walks off laughing quietly, anxiously & nervously to myself in search of beer in the fridge).

Baby is doing Somersaults

I'd like to think I'm not the only Dad-to-be thinking this. I mentioned in my last blog about getting my head around this idea. I'm still working on it clearly, and probably will be for some time. Even after the baby arrives. But it's just such a life changing event to wrap your head around at times. On top of that, you know its coming, you know it will change you but I probably don't realise how much it will change me, or my thinking, until it happens.

As long as I never utter those words, "Speaking as a parent..." I think I'll be ok. Ugh, fuck me, If I ever do say those words feel free to pull me up on it and follow it with a swift right hand to the back of my head.

Anyway, for all of you asking and wondering how my other half is. Forget about her, this is a Dad blog!

I'm only joking. She's doing great and feeling good for the most part. She is still getting up in the middle of the night, and struggling to be quiet about it, to go for a pee.

On top of that, the last few nights, there has been crazy movement from the baby. My wife can barely sit still with all the movement and her sleep has been in a word, shit, as a result. You'd swear the baby was trying to do somersaults or handstands inside there and we are regularly seeing either a fist or foot raise the skin on her bump.

Even the poor dog is feeling them. She got a kick in the side of the head cuddling up to my wife the last day. Indie was shocked, didn't quiet understand and was less than impressed.

It's fantastic to see and feel all this movement but it's making it all feel very real and very close. Before you know it my wife will be on maternity leave and then heading into CUMH.

I've been busy readying the house

As the time winds down I'm still tipping away with stuff around the house. Lockdown isn't helping as I need to pick a few things up in the hardware store but it is what it is.

I've still plenty of painting to do and clearing out junk that we've gathered down through the years.

The sheer amount of fucking DVDs we have is staggering! I can't even remember the last time I watched a DVD since Netflix. Feckin hell, we don't even have a DVD player connected to our tv as it didn't have the port in the back of it that fit.

I've thrown blinds up on the windows, which has now become my new DIY pet peeve, and the Baby's room is pretty much finished. Just needs a tidy and to remove the last few bits of my stuff from it. I'll do a reveal once it's more presentable.

I'll hopefully get the cot assembled this week but I'm missing a few parts, typical. You may have also seen on my social media, that we also got a changing mat, a baby bath, a changing bag, a nursing cushion and a baby care set.

These are all things we needed but I really don't know where it's all going to go, and we still haven't got a pram yet. For something so small it needs a lot of stuff.

Soooo many other things left to sort

(Takes in one big deep breath...and)

I need to start sorting my own paternity leave and if I will add any annual leave days to it. We are also in the process of trying to source new cars as my wife's car needs upgrading and my van does not have isofix and isn't the most ideal mode of transport with a newborn.

(running out of breath)

We've to finish writing out our birth preferences, start organizing what goes into the hospital bag, make sure we are listening to the hypnobirthing audio's, my wife has more scans coming up and we need to sort a new wardrobe for our own room. And inhale.

Sure, there's fuck all else to be doing.

I'm going to be a Dad. Ha, It's mad!

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