Things Dads should know about the first 17 weeks of Pregnancy
You're wife or partner will suffer from a variety of things such as turning into 'Sleepy' from Snow White

My wife has now hit the 17 week mark. Woohoo, another week down and only 23 more weeks to go. Now, for most of us soon-to-be Dads our newsfeeds at the moment tend not to be made up of that much pregnancy or baby related content or products. Happy days says you! However, it's a totally different story for my wife, (and other women), who is getting more and more paranoid by the day about her phone, as she has said that she's simply thought of baby stuff and an ad for said product appears on her phone.

Recently, I had an article appear for me about the 'things they don't tell you about pregnancy'. It was from the woman's point of view and I assume it popped up for me as I'm reading up a lot on the subject of pregnancy at the moment.

That or I'm secretly a 34 year old pregnant Irish woman that has a severe hormone imbalance which has caused me to lose all my hair and grow a beard...

Anyway, it got me thinking about things Dads should know about pregnancy and what to expect from their pregnant wife/partner. So, I thought I'd share a few things from the first 17 weeks of pregnancy that New Dads will probably encounter.

She'll turn into 'Sleepy' from Snow White.

The first thing I noticed was, and still is, that my wife is way sleepier. She has also developed an incredible ability to nap anywhere and in any position. This tiredness hits her out of nowhere.

It's like some form of pregnancy narcolepsy. One minute we could be chatting on the couch, I get up to grab my tea off the coffee table and by the time I sit back down she's out for the count. Mike Tyson would be proud of the knockout her tiredness just laid out.

Obviously, this tiredness is a direct result of physically making a baby and it pretty much comes with the territory and to be expected over the next few months.

She'll turn into a Bloodhound

Now this was something I didn't realise was a thing but my wife's sense of smell has now turned into a Super sense. If the Gardaí were short on sniffer dogs at the moment, I'd be pretty confident in my wife being up to the task. One thing I've got from this pregnancy is I now know what the neighbours up the road are having for dinner. And I'm jealous of fajita night.

She'll have Food Aversions

This heighten sense of smell has, in my opinion, been the main reason for my wife's food aversions. The smells of certain foods are just massively off putting and make her feel nauseous. Throw this in on top of some mild morning sickness and the fact she can't eat the foods she'd like, as some foods are off limits for pregnant women. Means you better don your chef's hat and get more creative in the kitchen. Because she won't be able to stomach the smells from cooking.

She'll Pee a lot

She will Pee A lot! Be prepared to make pit stops if you're driving anywhere or cutting walks short. When she has to go, she has to go! There's no telling her to hold it in until we get there/home. You find the nearest toilet gentleman! There is something pressing on her bladder. The longer she has to wait, well... let's just say her tolerance for you and your excellent Dad Jokes goes off a cliff rapidly and a few choice words could be sent your way.

She'll be Bloated

Right I'll put my hand up here and say I've said the next thing a hell of a lot in the last few weeks. "You're starting to show!". Now couple that with my exquisite bad timing, I tend to sprout these words not long after we've eaten which results in a not to impressed pregnant woman.

Yes she has started to show but bloating after meals almost exaggerates it, for want of a better word. And as the Dad you're like, WOW! We're only 14 weeks, will you look at the size of our baby. He's going to be a little beast!

You're swiftly brought back down to earth with your wife saying baby it is only the size of a nectarine and that bloody bolognese you made has me bloated.

She'll Hog The Duvet

Now this may be the case for many men in general. Irrespective of their wife/partner being pregnant. But ever since my wife has been pregnant there has been a severe lack of duvet on my side of the bed.

Now it's not that she's complaining about being cold and taking it. It just seems that at some point every night I'll find myself open to the elements in my jocks and at this time of year fellas your nipples will be so hard you'd be able to cut glass with them.

I'm thinking of investing in one of those duvet clamps that clamp to the bed to stop her taking the duvet. Or investing in a solid sleeping bag.

She'll Glare at you as you Eat & Drink things she can't

Be prepared for a bit of a guilt trip about what you eat and drink lads. Obviously, alcohol is off limits during pregnancy for your other half. But if you're like me and enjoy a bottle of beer on a Friday or Saturday night. Be warned of the looks you shall receive as you knock back that beer. Not surprisingly the more beers I have the less I see those glares.

My advice pick up a non-alcoholic beer or wine for her so she has the option of something bubbly. And for your own safety never ever drink her favourite drink in front of her. Ya don't poke the bear!

Food is another one, we love our steaks rare. But at the moment my wife has to have her steak well done, as it must be cooked through. We also love seafood but that has been cut from the menu for a variety of reasons. Again though, my wife has reiterated her desire for me not to eat prawns or smoked salmon as she's missing eating them to much.

I tell ya lads, the guilt I feel when I eat smoked salmon (when she's not around) almost puts me off eating it... Almost, smoked salmon is unreal!

Anything You'd Add to the List?

There ya have it, just some of the things you should know about the first couple of weeks of pregnancy. Remember that all pregnancy's are different and you might experience all or none of the above and a whole different set of things. Sure let me know if you do!