Things You Miss When You Become A Parent
Oh, how I do miss hot drinks.

There is always plenty of talk about all the great things that come with having children. And there is... I love Erin to bits, the little wind-up merchant that she is. But christ there are plenty of things you miss when you become a parent lads.

These aren't always big things that were glaringly obvious before you become a parent like a full night's sleep, a social life or late nights on the sesh with your mates. There are some that just sneak up on you.

Hot drinks

I love a hot cup of tea or coffee. I'd barely let it cool down before taking a sip. However, baby's don't appreciate your love for warm beverages. (They'll soon come around to that with living in Ireland for a while).

But I have lost count of how many cups of tea or coffee have gone cold on me. Or even worse when it's that awful temperature where ya just have to down the cup in one because it's just about to go cold.

Ya don't even enjoy it, you're just drinking it so the caffeine doesn't go to waste. And that caffeine is needed with a newborn.

Just getting into bed

There was a time in my life, not so long ago, that if I decided I wanted to go to bed. I would simply walk upstairs, brush my teeth, take off my clothes and hop into bed.

Oh, how I took for granted that simple process.

Now, I don't decide what time I go to bed at really. Erin does, with feeds, establishing a routine etc. But before I even think about climbing the stairs I need to ensure that we prepare or have ready to bring up with me... (Inhales deeply!)...

Calpol saline drops, a snot sucker, sterilised dummys, sterilize the baby bottles, a jug of water, cloths, ensure the room is the correct temperature, a sacrifice to appease the "baby sleeping more than 4 hours" gods. Then when I'm upstairs I need to ensure the baby changing area is fully stocked and ready for whatever the night has in store for us.

When I have that done and only then, I can get into bed by slowly tiptoeing past the co-sleeper like I'm practicing to one day be the first Irish ninja.

Then I hear my wife murmur just as I touch my head off the pillow... "Will you go downstairs and get..."

Watching a Show or Netflix without hitting pause.

Watching an episode of a show without pausing seems like a distant memory at this stage. If we're not stopped mid-episode by a baby stirring, my wife discussing something baby-related or looking for a feed.

My wife has paused to talk about something baby-related she read that has absolutely no bearing or connection to what we're currently watching but happened to pop into her head.

Netflix: Denzel Washington currently is kicking 7 shades of shit out of some fella.

My wife: Rob, I read this interesting article about baby's being held in a certain way.

Watching Live Sport

Big games, yeah you'll get to watch them. But far gone are the days of sitting down and watching every single match on the telly. You know those days, Super Sunday football and you're not even bothered that you're watching a classic in Wolves v Sheffield Utd. You're just enjoying watching live sport.

What you're left with after a baby arrives, is watching the highlights on your phone as you either prepare another bottle, use the toilet, cuddling said baby as the images catch their attention for a few minutes or whenever you have a brief unexpected few minutes to yourself.

Having more than 2 glasses of wine

Oh, how I do miss those nights where you turn to your other half and say with a cheeky grin "Will we open another bottle?".

Those days, well... have gone up and disappeared like a fart in the wind. You just can't really have any more with a newborn. Need to be steady on your feet with something that wriggles so much.

We have pencilled in the next proper night, my brother's wedding in September. Dear Lord, that's a long way off.

Not looking like a bum

Now I know that's a bit rich coming from me who spends his life in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops and tends to be not that keen on shaving either.

But a newborn has you perpetually living in your comfy/bum clothes. The reason for this is obvious with working from home (sure who's seeing ya), food stains, spilling stuff on yourself due to lack of sleep and sure then you have a newborn.

Your nice clean, stepping out clothes stay in the wardrobe going out of fashion. Not a big issue for most lads like myself who don't give a flying fuck. But it's something your other half might bring up down the line.

We've all heard this one; "I've nothing to wear". (As they stare at a full wardrobe and you look on confused fully dressed and ready to go).


You don't really appreciate something until it's gone. And yes Erin is sleeping for longer spells but you're still sleeping with an ear up if they stir or are up once during the night.

There are no more dead to the world sleeps where you dream about the time you were an X-men, crashed through a casino roof and you came across a pink elephant playing poker with Bruce Willis. Ah, good times.

Remembering Shit

I used to like remembering stuff. But parenthood has robbed me of that skill at this present moment in time. You'll forget how to do your work, how to make certain meals or do certain things and you'll take longer to remember something or be questioning yourself;

"Did I do that? I'm sure I did. No, wait... I didn't. Stop. I did... Ah my brain is fucking mush!"

Anything you miss?

These are just a few things that I miss since becoming a parent. And these are the ones that I can remember. Is there anything you miss since you've become a parent? Let me know below.

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