Things Your Wife/Partner will Find Difficult in the Third Trimester
Just a few things your wife or partner might have difficulty with in the 3rd Trimester.

It's 1 month and 14 days to go until our due date. I'm so excited, especially after last night where the baby was moving and kicking like something possessed. I fell asleep with my hand on the bump to the feeling of them. I have a feeling once I start talking about 'days to go' I'll probably be bouncing off the walls with excitement.

However, I may be enjoying all the movement but for my wife, that enjoyment goes quickly as those kicks can hurt a little and she hasn't slept well in the last few days. On top of this, the size of my wife's bump is starting to make life a little more difficult. So, I thought I'd put together a list of things your wife/partner will find difficult in the third trimester.

Might be helpful for you to know lads, just so you can lend a hand.

Rolling Over in Bed

First thing you'll notice your wife having difficulty with, is that your wife/partner rolling over in bed has now turned into a 3 part mini-series on Netflix or something.

Episode 1. There's the realisation that they need to rollover.

Episode 2. The effort alone just thinking about the energy needed to roll over and the emotions that go with it.

And Episode 3. The actual drama of physically rolling over into a position that will be somewhat comfortable.

You're lying there at the end of Episode 3 then in suspense wondering.

Will she be comfortable here? Will I be woken up to get more cushions for the pillow version of the Great Wall of China that she has constructed down the middle of our bed?

Belly Button Going from an Innie to an Outie

At this moment in time, my wife's belly button is still an innie... Just, and I mean just. It's so close to popping out and my wife is finding it difficult to wrap her head around it. I think it's hilarious and I'm delighted. She thinks it's weird and not a fan of it happening. I'll keep ye posted on when it goes to an outie.

She can't be alone on this ladies?

Slight Inclines

You're encouraged during pregnancy to stay active and exercise. Not ideal when you live in an area where everywhere you walk has inclines. Even coming out of our front door, there is an incline.

A slight incline is like pregnancy kryptonite. Once they come near one, they lose all their strength. If we go for a walk now and we come to a slight incline. I like to engage what I like to call "Indie Power".

"Indie Power" involves me placing my hand at the base of my wife's back and pushing, while she has Indie's (our dog) lead in her hand and telling Indie to mush essentially up the hill.

Not going to lie, we get strange looks.

Not Drinking Tea as Often

Ireland is a nation of serious tea drinkers. My wife I would argue, before the pregnancy, would at a very minimum be in the top 10 tea drinkers in Ireland for the sheer amount of cups she makes. She'd also be Top 3 in Ireland for the number of cups of tea she allows to go cold.

Now since my wife got pregnant, she has been reducing the amount of caffeine she consumes daily. This may be 1 cup of coffee in the morning and a cup of tea in the evening after work or dinner.

She finds it difficult to stay to just those 2 cups, especially when she's tired or wants to relax. And well, she can't really crack open a bottle of Chardonnay and have a glass either. Only a few weeks left, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If your wife/partner is a big coffee/tea drinker this may be an issue.

And in case ye were wondering, this is a Barry's Tea household.

Difficulty in Knowing Her Actual Bump Size

As strange as this may sound to most men but the size of a pregnant woman's bump kinda sneaks up on them. I know that's hard to comprehend for us lads as they do know they're pregnant and an ever-increasing belly comes with the territory.

But it's the truth. Your wife/partner believes they can pass through, let's say, a gap between you and the kitchen countertop. They did it 2 days ago, it hasn't grown that much.

Let me just say. That countertop ain't go anywhere lads, instead, you might get a solid hip & shoulder out of the way inadvertently in the process of your wife/partner moving towards the sink.

This lack of awareness of bump size will also lead to multiple attempts at parking a car. They think they have enough space to open the door and slide out with ease. Not the case.

You're looking at 2 goes for trying to park the car and 4 on a bad day. What does this also lead to? She'll have parked so close to your car lads that you may need to go on a crash diet and hold in your breath and stomach as you squeeze and slide into your own car.

Lastly, on this point, your wife/partner will find it difficult to not get food stains on their bump & clothes when eating. They're just not aware that the bump may be touching the plate or they're so tired from lack of sleep that they've dipped the sleeve of their lovely white dressing gown that her sister bought her into a tub of raspberry jam...again.

Clothes Suddenly Become Too Small

No surprise that an ever-expanding baby bump means that clothes get too small very quickly in the third trimester. Jackets that once fit will not zip up over the bump. Hoodies that were once warm and cosy are now leaving a little gap at the bottom of the bump which allows cold air to hit it unless you wear a stretchy t-shirt.

Also, pregnant women find it difficult I imagine, especially in our current pandemic climate, to justify spending money on maternity clothes. Because let's call a spade a spade. Where the fuck are they off to? And, who's going to see them? They're not going to get a chance to wear them and some of them will be no use after the baby is born.

My wife was never into clothes shopping, (home interiors & IKEA is another story, give me and our bank account strength), so she isn't going to drop a couple of hundred euro on maternity clothes that she might wear on the odd occasion she pops into SuperValu.

I reckon my wife isn't alone on this as many pregnant women may find this aspect of pregnancy difficult. Their body is changing and they're gaining weight which is all natural. But whereas before the pandemic, they may get all dolled up, invest in more maternity wear, go out, shop, meet up with family & friends, indulge in their vanity a small bit and show off their bump.

They're now at home and not heading anywhere. So they may feel what's the point?

Finding the Balance of Drinking Water and Peeing Constantly

At this point of pregnancy, my wife and I gather most women, will probably have a good grasp of this balancing act. But it is a difficult pregnancy skill to master. I imagine their inner monologue would run something like;

"Ok, ok. The midwife told me I need to drink plenty of water. I'll have a big glass now, then a big glass at lunch. Then as soon as I'm finished work for the day I'll make up the remaining 3 litres I need to drink by the time I go to bed. But I need to finish those 3 litres to allow me enough time to get 5 wee's done before I attempt going to sleep. If I do that I may get a solid 3 hours before the baby kicks me in the bladder at 1 am and I need to pee again."

6 Weeks to go

These are a few things that I noticed my wife found difficult so far in the third trimester. Chances are, you're wife/partner might be the same.

With 6 weeks to go, I can only see it getting more difficult before it gets better.

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