You Get Used To Your Wife Being Pregnant
What do you mean we're going to have a kid at the end of all of this??

It's mad how quickly you can get used to something. Getting up at 5am to go to the gym, lockdowns and the sight of your pregnant wife struggling to put on the left leg of her trousers...again. I thought when my wife first got pregnant that I'd find it odd to see her with a big bump and to see her body change. But, you get used to your wife being pregnant and I love her bump!

We've hit the 29 week mark and the clock is counting down. It got me thinking back over the last number of weeks and months of how quickly both my wife and I adapted to this pregnancy and what lies ahead.


They say, whoever they are, it takes 21 days to form a habit. And seeing as pregnancy lasts longer than 3 weeks it's easy to see why getting into a habit or routine with a pregnant wife around the house seems easy to understand.

You get used to not cracking open a bottle of red or two with each other on a Friday/Saturday night. Then you get used to making sure the food we eat is cooked through (eggs, meat and such), you don't bother picking up anything to eat that might make her feel unwell and for the love of god you do not eat food that she can't & loves to eat, in front of her.

I've not had prawns and seafood in a long time... And I love them.

This routine isn't just with meal times.

There is the daily routine about how the baby is kicking the be-jesus out of her, 'YOUR CHILD' is turning again followed by a grunt, and what we need to get done before the baby arrives.


Next up is how quickly you adapt to your wife being tired. Usually after a decent walk my wife will need a rest. It comes with the territory really seeing as she's making a human being. If we go for a walk, I assume she's going to nap when we get in.

This might give me a chance to paint a skirting board, wash up, clean etc.

Also, now I'm not saying I've done this (self preservation and all that) but if you time that walk perfectly so that you arrive back in the house 15 minutes before the match kicks off. She'll be dosing off as the first half gets underway.

You'll get to enjoy the match uninterrupted gents. Top Dad tip there!

Getting Your Head Around The Fact A Baby is Going be Here in a few Weeks

You get so used to 'being pregnant' that sometimes you actually forget that at some point you'll actually have to look after a baby, be a Dad and be a parent. I know this might sound odd but I feel sometimes I can get very into the 'process' of it all.

We need to do this class, read up on this, finish that in the baby's room. And I'm delighted to do it all, I really enjoy it all. You get comfortable with it all but then you remember that pregnancy has an end date while your painting the 50th fucking skirting board.

Hold on a second, my wife is not always going to be pregnant like how Bart Simpson has been 10 years old since 1989.

This feeling of comfort I'm having at the moment of my wife 'just' being pregnant will come crashing down in a few weeks. Dropkicking me back to the start of coming to terms with something completely new and instead of, learning and reading about caring for a baby.

I'll actually have to do it...Gulp!

Ok breath, what did they say in that hypnobirthing class... 4 seconds in, and 7 seconds out.

I have people message all the time sharing tips, advice and support. Which I'm so thankful for and I'm making note of.

I'm just hoping that all the information and stuff I read up on, advice passed onto me etc. doesn't to do a runner on my brain once I get handed the baby in the hospital. That once I get over the excitement, anxiety, joy and all the other emotions that will crop up in those first few moments. All the stuff I've learned decides to come back and I can start becoming the World's Greatest Dad to someone.

This just comes back to my own anxieties about the whole thing. I know in my own head if I "prepare" as best I can, come the birth, (to be honest I'll probably let out a long, yet soft and gentle "Fuuuuuucccck"! at the time) But that I'll be grand, will do ok and be able to build from there.

A lot of people have said you can't prepare for being a parent and what's to come. To be honest, I'd be a complete balloon to think that I'll be this amazing parent Day 1. But me being proactive should help get me, at least in mind, off on the right foot.

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  1. Great blogs Rob, love you to bits, they are fantastic. Might be an idea to explain how you see the softening and joy in Ruth. I’d like to read something positive about her approaching expectations, if it fits in with your blog, but I’m her Mum.

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